Prologue is
an Engineering Studio

Focused on building scalable feature rich applications and websites fast. With a very narrow focus on a select few technologies: Ruby, Swift, and the vanilla basics of the web: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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iOS and Mac Development

Ruby, Camping, Rails

Front End Development

Web Design



It's important to note that all of this nonsense is made up. All of society is designed and built by regular people. Nobody is really special. So what is special?

When you spend more time and care on something than anybody else, You make something special. It's the process of iteration, step by step, change over time, following your gut, that makes something truly unique and remarkable.

Our process is to make small bets quickly, then double down on what's working. Repeat until we run out of time or budget. This always works out.





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iOS, Ruby, and Web.

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Making great work means working with the best people. If you're a designer looking for development support we offer special rates. We Really want to build your projects.

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