Prologue is a little studio. I’m Karl Oscar Weber, I run it. I love the web. I’ve been obsessed by screens and electrons and esoteric programming languages since going online sounded like murdering a computer, it’s dying screams echoing into the void. Among the AOL chat rooms and the PHPBB forums of days past I began making my own websites. Modifying my MySpace page. The first website that taught me about HTML was Lissa Explains it All. Our Photoshop was bootlegged. I used hacked CDKeys to get StarCraft to work. I remember when Gmail was announced, I was on the waiting list. It had a Beta tag attached to the top. And among all this, and after another decade or two you get somebody like me, that makes Apps and Websites.

I’ve been easily distracted and obsessed with Art and Design since I was 10. I used to save little pieces of Packaging, or Art from Magazines that I thought looked great. I remember drawing my own Logos in old sketchbooks and showing them to my Mom hoping to impress her. She was impressed. A curiosity with Technology, Art, and Design produces a certain type of person that sweats the details. I obsess over the line heights, spacing, and weights. I steal colors. I’ve been making Apps and Websites, at least “professionally” for over 12 years, and I love it. Every project is a chance to try something new, to learn something interesting. To impress and surprise. It’s too exciting, the possibilities the fluid canvas of the screen offers. Between the social apps, Smart Phones, and ultra portable computers we all carry, there is opportunity to make beautiful things.

That’s what I want to do.

Prologue is an engineering studio that makes remarkable Apps and Websites.

What’s Past is Prologue, everything that’s come before has led us to this moment, Everything that follows is fate.

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